My name's Kari, and since I can remember I've had a camera by my side and a passion to capture moments that inspire me. 


Like all good things, there too can be an excess or unhealthy level of passion, and I veered from this inspired path after having completed a bachelor of film and television. I felt blinded by life with a suffocating desire to capture all that was going on around me.



This visual exploration of my external world led me down a path of deep internal exploration. Where I immersed myself through both personal and professional study in psychology, philosophy, personal development, religion, spirituality and various holistic healing modalities.



I now find myself (and my camera) traveling around the world continuing to explore, learn and grow, while sharing my passion for both the external and internal worlds. I intend to use my time here to positively impact those around me and learn from every encounter I have.


Welcome to a little corner of my life, I'm excited to share it with you. 

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